How To Check Bike Insurance?

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Bike insurance is a contract between the owner of the bike and the insurance company that covers any damage to the bike caused by an accident, theft, or collision.

Bike Insurance

The importance of bike insurance

Protects you from legal penalties

Natural and man-made disaster coverage

Coverage Against Third-Party Liabilities

Coverage Against Theft

Coverage for Own Damages:






Comprehensive insurance policy

Standalone owns the damage policy.

Third-party protection

Types of bike insurance policies




1. Check the status of your motorcycle insurance with the IIB. 2. Contact the executive of the IIB office. 3. Check your two-wheeler insurance status on VAHAN.

How to know the status of bike insurance?

1. Avoid Wastage of Money. 2. Avoids risk 3. Gives mental peace

Benefits of checking the status of an insurance policy