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Guide to Deactivate Auto-Debit in SBI Credit Card.

How To Stop Auto Pay on SBI Credit Cards

In the tech-savvy era, we are required to pay several regular expenses like electricity bills, credit card bills, property loans, home mortgage interest, and vehicle loans, all of which have different due dates every month. Moreover, the payment method has become easy and convenient with a digital advantage. However, paying all the due expenses on their specific dates is very tiring and time-consuming, and it is also hard to remember all the dates. Therefore, SBI credit card issuers ensure timely and safe payments for their clients with multiple options, such as paying from credit/debit card or Internet banking. This blog outlines the basic details of auto-debiting in SBI credit cards and its advantages and disadvantages. 

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What is Auto-Debit in SBI Credit Card?

Now, from anywhere, you can automatically pay through a scheduled financial transfer from your linked bank account, known as an auto debit. This facility helps cardholders avoid paying excessive interest rates and ensures they pay their bills on time. The card issuer comprises two methods: Online and Offline credit card bill payments. One fantastic method for paying SBI credit card bills is the SBI Auto-Debit facility. The Auto Debit option allows you to set up automatic credit card payments by deducting a specific amount from your account on a pre-decided date. Numerous benefits are available to credit cardholders who enrol in an auto-debit programme.

Advantages of Activating the Auto-Debit Credit Card.

  • Time-saving and ensuring on-time payments
  • No unnecessary late fees or penalties are imposed on the consumer when there is no delay in payment.
  • The auto debit facility is available online, so it is quite easy to use. The online process provides the comfort of life. 
  • If the auto debit facility is opted for identity theft can be less likely to happen if we follow certain precautions.
  • Cardholders can view and maintain their credit histories, earn reward points, and raise their credit scores.
  • SBI offers two alternative payment choices: total amount due (TAD) and minimum due amount (MDA). If you use one of these facilities, you have flexibility in clearing your credit card bill.

Advantages of Deactivating the Auto-Debit Credit Card.

However, the auto-debit facility for credit cards in SBI is an incredible tool, but at the same time, it has some disadvantages. Due to these disadvantages, people sometimes prefer the deactivating auto debit facility on their SBI credit card.

  • No track record: If customers prefer to make payments on their credit card with cash on different dates., they can easily track their monthly instalment. While in the case of auto debit, it becomes difficult to track the account record.
  • Maintain sufficient balance: Deactivating credit card auto-debit has proven to be a wise decision for people who are unable to maintain consistent revenue streams. Several credit card users can also use it.

How to deactivate the SBI Credit Card’s Auto-Debit?

It’s easy and quick to stop using your SBI credit card’s auto-debit payment option. You can deactivate the SBI credit card method by completing these steps:

Wrapping up.

The auto-payment feature on credit card bills is helpful for those who have multiple credit cards or who have to remember to pay their payments on a regular basis to avoid paying large penalties. If this isn’t the case, it’s advisable to pay your credit card bill by hand because you’ll have a complete record of all the payments and can notify bank officials right away if there are any problems or errors. Keeping track of credit and debit expenditures becomes simple.

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