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How Much Home Loan Can I Get on Rs 40000 Salary

Home Loan Can I Get on Rs 40000 Salary

The maximum amount of a house loan that you are eligible for depends in part on your salary. The amount of loan you qualify for is based on your income, which is calculated by the bank.

Your income and expenses play a major role in your ability to qualify for a home loan. Before granting you a loan, banks take into account a number of variables because they run the risk of house loan default. 

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Your salary is the most crucial element among the other factors because it indicates how easily you can repay your loan. Along with other eligibility criteria, all banks demand that you meet their minimum wage requirements.

How Does Your Income Affect the Ability to Get a Home Loan?

A significant amount of capital is needed to buy a house, and banks take a certain amount of risk when lending these sums. Banks and other financial organizations base their decisions about whether to grant a loan on your ability to pay for a home.

When deciding whether or not you qualify for a house loan, banks take your salary into consideration. Under the Loan-to-Value (LTV) regime of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks offer loans up to 75–90% of the cost of the property. As a general rule, it is accepted that loan eligibility increases with pay. Nevertheless, there are a number of dynamics in operation. 

The amount of loan you can acquire is based on your earnings, which are also determined by taking into account a number of additional factors, including your spending and ongoing EMIs. To obtain affordable house loans, choose a lender who offers lower interest rates and relaxes requirements when you apply for a mortgage on your property for a home loan. Additionally, you may want to think about choosing a longer loan term for your property because it would make managing your finances easier by lowering your EMIs.

Other Factors Influencing the Eligibility of a Home Loan

While determining whether to approve your house loan application, factors other than your income are taken into account. Banks look at your expenses to see how well you handle your debt and money. You can choose the size of the house loan that you can get based on your income. The other important factors for deciding the loan amount are:

1- Age: Young borrowers between the ages of 21 and 55 are preferred by financial companies when approving house loans. Young candidates have a better probability of repaying the loan due to their longer work careers.

2- Employer And Job Background: Working for a reputed company increases the likelihood of getting a home loan because of the added security. As a result, the borrower has peace of mind knowing that their EMIs will be paid on time. 

A professional from a respectable company can also be qualified for a larger loan amount than someone from a less renowned company. Your professional background matters as well and says a lot about your steadiness.

3- Credit Rating: Your past loan repayment history is captured by your credit score, which is a crucial component in evaluating your eligibility. Even if you make a good living, a low credit score can hurt your chances of being approved for a mortgage. 

Financial firms normally want a credit score of 700 or higher. If your credit score is higher than 750, you can also negotiate for reduced interest rates on house loans.

How to Calculate Home Loan On The Basis of Salary

Most people qualify for a house loan if their Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI)-Net Monthly Income (NMI) ratio is under 60%. However, banks have the discretion to raise or lower interest rates based on this ratio. Your chances of obtaining a larger loan at a reasonable rate are better if you have a lower ratio.

Most banks offer home loans for a period of 20 to 30 years with monthly payments that are usually equal to 50% of the borrower’s net salary. Your monthly repayment capability will therefore be Rs 20,000 (or 50% of your income) if your net monthly earnings are ₹ 40,000.

On the other hand, using the multiplier technique, banks multiply your annual income by a factor of 5–6 or your NMI by a factor of 60–72 to determine the highest house loan you can qualify for based on your wage. The following example can help you grasp this:

The following calculation can be used if your net salary is ₹40,000 and you’re wondering how much home loan you can qualify for based on that income.

₹40,000*72 = 28,80,000

As a result, you can borrow up to 28.8 lakhs of rupees for a home if your salary is 40,000. If two earning members co-finance the property, the sum could go up.

Strategies To Increase Your Ability to Obtain a Mortgage

Here are some suggestions for improving your ability to take this into account before applying for a mortgage:

  • By getting a shared mortgage, you can raise the LTV. If you include a co-applicant on a home loan application, your credit score will increase.
  • By contrasting interest rates from various banks, find the best one. Take advantage of holiday discounts to receive reduced prices.
  • Consider a longer payback period to better manage EMIs during economic downturns.
  • You might gain access to free property evaluations, reduced home loan processing costs, and other advantages if you choose properties that have bank endorsements.
  • Pay the loan’s principal in full or in part if you have extra money to spare. As a result, the EMIs for the remaining tenure will be lower.


The stability and security of employment are prioritized more by financial institutions and banks. Particularly, lenders take income into account with regard to debt. 

If you have a better income, steady work, and no responsibilities, you can be given a loan with a lower interest rate because there is less chance that you won’t be able to pay it back.

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