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How To Generate Union Bank of India ATM PIN?

How To Generate Union Bank of India ATM PIN

Union Bank provides many services that can be availed of by using the ATM card or debit card. The customer can pay, transfer, and receive bills online using the services. The cardholder must set up a login PIN to activate the card, though. Instead of limiting the user to a single PIN, the bank permits frequent changes to this PIN for safety purposes. It makes sense to update or reset a card login credential for security reasons. But you have to make sure the PIN is distinct and don’t use the same ones as before. The banks initially supply an ATM card PIN, which is a multi-digit number needed to conduct transactions at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The cardholder has the ability to modify or reset this PIN.

What is an ATM PIN?

A four-digit code, known as an ATM PIN or Personal Identification Number, is specific to each account holder’s ATM or debit card. This number is offered to guarantee the security of all cash withdrawals, point-of-sale transactions, and Internet transactions. The likelihood of fraudulent transactions is decreased because the transactions are only finalised when the cardholder inputs the proper PIN. For making the transactions, verify that the card user or account holder, The ATM card has a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). For an increased bank account, ATM, and online transaction security, you should update your PIN every three to six months or at least once a year.

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Process to Generate Union Bank of India ATM PIN.

Today, account users can simply generate an ATM PIN by visiting the ATM using their registered mobile number, the net banking portal, or mobile banking services. Every account holder can generate an ATM PIN and modify it.

Customers can generate a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for their Union Bank debit or credit cards through the ATM PIN generation process, providing safe access to their accounts. To conduct transactions and use the card to access banking services, you must know your Union Bank debit card PIN or ATM PIN.

Upon receiving your debit card through the mail, you want to visit the bank to create a PIN, but the idea of having to wait in line makes you uncomfortable. Union Bank has numerous helpful solutions available. There are several techniques listed here for creating an ATM PIN and activating a debit card at the Union Bank of India.

1. Create or modify your Union Bank of India ATM PIN through net banking: A method for creating a new PIN for your Union Bank debit card using net banking.

  • Go to the portal for Union Bank.
  • This URL points to the Union Bank of India’s internet banking page in English.
  • Enter your username and password as important credentials for logging in.
  • Then go to the account for which you need to generate a PIN.
  • After that, select “ATM card service” and click “generate PIN” in the debit card PIN area.
  • Proceed by entering your CVV details and debit card number.
  • The number, which you should enter, is printed on the card’s back.
  • Then choose the option “Generate a New ATM PIN.”.
  • Enter your desired new PIN and confirm again to complete the process.
  • As soon as you complete the process, you will receive an OTP that is sent to your mobile number, which is registered with the bank.
  • Enter the OTP for verification purposes and choose the “Submit” tab.
  • When the details are verified, you are able to use your new ATM PIN.

2. Create a Union Bank ATM PIN Through Phone Banking or Customer Service Calls: The cardholder of Union Bank must know his account number, expiration date, and CVV of the United Bank.

  • Dial 1800 222244 or 1800 208 2424 from the registered mobile number.
  • The IVR device will provide instructions that you must listen to to comprehend.
  • To continue, select the name and language of the bank.
  • Here you will see the option “Self PIN generation,” and then you need to go to the option “New PIN generation” after selecting the “self PIN generation” tab.
  • Enter your account number next, and then click “1” to proceed.
  • Put in your birthdate, ATM card number, and facts about the expiration date.
  • Once the data has been verified by the bank system, the user can proceed with changing the PIN.
  • The registered mobile number will receive an eight-digit passcode via the SMS section.
  • Then select “1” to continue with the PIN procedure.
  • Enter the three-digit CVV number along with the passcode that was provided.
  • Once your new, preferred PIN has been set, go ahead and input it once more to be sure.
  • The information will be retained in the bank system. Enter the new PIN to access a variety of financial services.

3. Generate Union Bank of India ATM PIN through visiting ATMs: Among many other methods of generating ATM PINs, one of them is using Union Bank ATMs. You may easily follow the steps by employing this technology.

Check out the easy and straightforward Union Bank ATM PIN creation process by following the steps listed below.

  • Find the closest ATM operated by Union Bank.
  • Insert your card at the Union Bank ATM that is closest to you.
  • Select the language in which you are the most comfortable.
  • Place the card inside and choose “SET ATM GREEN PIN.”
  • Choose the “GENERATE OTP option”.
  • It will send an OTP to the registered mobile phone.
  • Remove the card.
  • Insert the card again.
  • Then Click the option “SET ATM GREEN PIN” after inserting the card.
  • Enter the OTP which has been sent on your registered mobile number and then choose the option “Validate OTP. ”  
  • Click “Generate New Pin.”
  • Enter the PIN once more.
  • Press the CONFIRM PIN button.
  • Data about the “green PIN” will be shown on a new page.
  • Mobile and email addresses that have been registered will receive the same PIN.


Union Bank allows its customers to simply generate an ATM PIN by going to the ATM using the registered mobile number, the net banking portal, or the mobile banking services. Every account holder finds it easy to use this technique to not only generate their ATM PIN but also modify it as needed. The debit card can be obtained by the account holder at the time of opening the account, but they should also know how to Generate Union Bank of India ATM PIN, as without knowing the PIN generation process, it is not possible to use all the facilities provided by the bank.


Is it possible for someone to obtain another person’s PIN and use it improperly?
Your PIN cannot be misused by someone unless specific conditions are met. If they manage to obtain physical mailers or your personal bank account information, they may use it to abuse online banking, the Green PIN service, and other services.

Is it possible to keep using the PIN that the bank sent me?
It is best to generate a new PIN after receiving one from the bank, but you can use the one they supplied you with indefinitely. The four-digit PIN you create is secret, so even the bank is protected by it. For added protection, it is advised to alter the PIN every three to six months.

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