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How to Check Aadhaar Bank Link Status?

How to check about Aadhaar Bank link status.

An essential component of governance is going digital. The incorporation of technology into government functions is very helpful in making things easy and perfect. Aadhaar and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) are linked, which is one such disruptive project. People can now access a wider range of financial and government services more easily because of the links between Aadhaar and NPCI, which create numerous options for safe and easy transactions.

Access to government services, subsidies, and different financial activities is made easier with Aadhar. Because of its ability to centralise and streamline data, the Aadhaar system is a vital tool for digital identity management.

The Indian government has given its citizens a 12-digit identifying number called Aadhaar. It acts as a common form of identification and proof of address.

 Your Aadhaar number is necessary for the Know Your Customer (KYC) document to create savings accounts in India. Banks and other financial organisations use your Aadhar number for digital verification.

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Objectives of linking a bank account with Aadhar.

The main objective of integrating the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and the government of India’s Unique Identity Number is to use the facility of flawless and secured transactions. The linking of Aadhaar with NPCI promotes digitalization and fast services.

 Improving the security, practicality, and effectiveness of digital financial transactions is the main goal of integrating Aadhaar with NPCI. People can benefit from the ability to use their Aadhaar number for authentication when carrying out a variety of financial transactions by linking Aadhaar with NPCI services. This flawless integration promotes a digital and financially inclusive ecosystem by streamlining the payment process and providing users with a safe and easy-to-use experience.

Advantages of Aadhar and Bank Account Linking.

Having an Aadhaar card has become essential for a number of services, including opening a bank account. The fact that combining a bank account with an Aadhaar card prevents fraud and protects a person’s financial information is one of the key benefits of doing so. Out of the 110 crore bank accounts, 96 crores have currently had their Aadhaar linked to them, according to data provided by UIDAI. After submitting an ITR, one can also easily receive a refund by connecting their bank account to their Aadhaar. The IT department has made it clear that those who have added their PAN card will receive their e-filing refund deposited into their bank account.

Technological developments are transforming our financial management practices in a world that is becoming more digitally connected. Because of this, it is essential to link your savings accounts to your Aadhar card in order to improve banking services and ensure security. Beyond only meeting legal requirements, this integration has other uses as well.

The combination of your savings accounts with Aadhaar unlocks a number of banking and government services, in addition to digital identity verification. We will also look at the numerous advantages and ramifications.

List of Benefits to Link Aadhar with Bank Account.

  • Easy transactions: The Aadhar card and bank account linking provide facilities for easy crediting of your bank account with government benefits like welfare payments, scholarships, MNREGA wages, and so on. Users find it simpler to create bank accounts when they have an Aadhaar card because it functions as a legitimate KYC (Know Your Customer) certification.
  • Enhanced security: By using the NPCI mapper, connecting Aadhaar to the NPCI lowers the likelihood of fraudulent activity and untraceable transactions.
  • NPCI Mapper: It functions as a database where Aadhaar numbers are connected to certain banks, which makes it simple to trace transactions and receipts throughout the year. It is used to route transactions based on Aadhaar to the appropriate destination banks, enabling responsible and open money management.
  • Controls leakage of government funds: There will be fewer opportunities for fraud in your bank account if Aadhaar is enabled. It increases the security of your financial operations by guaranteeing the authenticity of transactions. The detection of illicit transactions and the leakage of government spending are further benefits of Aadhaar-enabled bank accounts.
  • Track transactions: Aadhaar cardholders may effortlessly track their expenditures. From wherever in the nation, citizens will be able to access their accounts online through the interoperable architecture of the Aadhaar Enabled Payments Systems (AEPS).
  • Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT): People can get Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) from government programmes by connecting their NPCI with their Aadhaar card. This eliminates the need for an intermediary and guarantees prompt, easy financing.

How to Check the Status of Aadhar and Bank Account Linking?

A bank account can be connected to Aadhaar online, through SMS, phone banking, mobile applications, in-person visits to the closest branch or ATM, or by phone. On the UIDAI website, the user can check the status after linking their Aadhaar number to their bank account.

Online Method.

Within minutes after Aadhaar is linked to the bank, UIDAI’s official website allows customers to verify the status of their Aadhaar bank link easily. To check the status of your Aadhar-Bank connectivity, perform these steps:

  • Go to https://uidai.gov.in/, the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
  • Select the Aadhaar Services option from the UIDAI homepage. Either the fast links section or the main menu has it.
  • Look for the option labelled Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status or a similar one under the Aadhaar Services section.
  • This will tell you whether your Aadhaar and bank account are linked or not.
  • Now you should click the button
    “How to Check Bank’s Online Aadhaar Linking Status?”
  • You can verify the linking status on a new page that will be displayed to you after being redirected.
  • You might need to provide a security code and your Aadhaar number on this page in order to be verified.
  • After entering the required information, click “Submit” or “Check Status.”
  • The system will check the information you submit and show you the status of your Aadhaar and bank account pairing. It will show you if your bank account and Aadhaar are connected or not.
  • You will receive a confirmation message if your bank account and Aadhaar are linked.
  • In the event that it is not connected, a notification stating that your Aadhaar and bank account are not connected will appear on the screen.

Verify the status of the Aadhar Card-Bank Account Link with the Aadhaar App.

For the verification of the status of the bank account-Aadhar link with the help of mobile, the guidelines listed below can be helpful.

  • Use the mAadhaar app to access your account.
  • Here you will find drop-down menu, among other options, choose “My Aadhaar.”
  • When you choose “My Aadhaar” option, you will find the option of “Status of the Aadhaar-Bank Account Link”, now you should click this option.
  • Input both the Captcha code and your Aadhaar number.
  • Make sure to choose “Request OTP.”
  • On your registered cell phone number, enter the OTP that was issued to you.
  • Click “Verify” to find out if your Aadhaar number and bank account are connected.

Offline Method

Those without internet access can also know the status of Aadhar and the bank account link. To find out whether your bank has linked your Aadhaar with the bank account, you should follow the below-given instructions:

  • From your registered mobile number, dial *99*99*1#. 
  • Then, on the phone number that is linked to UIDAI, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number.
  • Check the status of Aadhaar connecting with the bank by entering it again.
  • The linking status will be displayed once the form has been submitted.


As per the latest directive from the Reserve Bank of India, it is now necessary to link one’s Aadhaar number to their bank account in order to be eligible for government plan benefits. This is done to make online banking more efficient and to give customers a safe online banking environment. To start receiving benefits from government schemes, people must link their Aadhaar to their bank account and then submit the NPCI Aadhaar Link Bank Account Form to the bank, expressing their written approval. After that, the bank will use the NPCI mapper to link the Aadhaar number to the bank account.


Is it possible to connect Aadhaar to many bank accounts?
Yes, it is possible. If you want you can link more than one bank account to your Aadhaar.

Who is able to connect a person’s bank account and Aadhaar number?
An Aadhaar card can be linked to a bank account by anybody who possesses one.

How can I confirm a bank account link with my Aadhaar number?
By going to the UIDAI official website, you may confirm the existence of an Aadhaar link with a bank account.

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