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How to Apply for Debit Card Online in Canara Bank

Apply for Debit Card Online in Canara Bank

How to Apply for Debit Card Online in Canara Bank? The Indian economy has been transformed by credit and debit cards. The country’s economic structure has undergone significant upheaval after the implementation of demonetization. Digitalization is advancing the economy, and cashless transactions are increasing. 

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Any person opening a savings bank account will receive a debit card from each bank as part of the starting kit. Using a debit card allows for both online and offline cashless transactions. Safe, transparent, and loss-risk-free transactions are possible when using a cashless system.

How to Apply for Debit Card Online in Canara Bank

A Canara Debit Card can be applied for both offline and online. You must visit the closest branch to apply offline and complete the application by providing the necessary information. To apply for a debit card, you must also include the necessary documentation with your application. 

The bank will review your application and grant your request after receiving all the required documentation. When your application is accepted, the bank will send your debit card to the address you provided on the application.

It is necessary to have a functioning bank account in order to apply for a debit card. The same is true for Canara Bank debit cards. A Canara Bank debit card application can be submitted online or at the branch. You can follow the instructions listed below to submit an online application:

  • Go to the bank’s official website.
  • Select ‘Apply for a New Debit Card’ from the menu in the top right corner.
  • To continue with the application, enter your account number and PAN.
  • Next, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • After receiving the OTP sent to your registered mobile number, enter this OTP, and then select OTP Validate.
  • Now, provide the address where you wish to receive your debit card.
  • (Domestic/Global) Choose your usage.
  • Decide between the Classic and Platinum Canara Bank debit card options.
  • You will then see the corresponding annual cost.
  • Enter your name (up to 19 characters) as you would want it to appear on the card.
  • Read the terms and conditions before confirming.
  • Click the Preview button to review all the information.
  • To apply for a Canara Bank debit card, you must have an open account with the bank and provide your PAN card, address verification, and a photo.
  • Choose the debit card you wish to apply for, enter the necessary information, and press the “Submit” button.
  • After submitting the form, the bank will deliver your card following a successful verification.

Apply Debit Card Through Customer Care Number

Calling the customer service number will enable you to activate your Canara Bank debit card. To accomplish the same, adhere to the directions below:

  • Call the customer service line and choose the “Debit Card” option as your first step.
  • After that, select the ‘ATM PIN’ option to activate your debit card.
  • Enter your account number, card number, date of birth, and card expiration date in the IVR-suggested format.
  • You’ll now be prompted to set a new ATM PIN. Enter the PIN you want to use for further transactions.
  • If the activation is successful, the bank will send you a confirmation message.

Online Status Tracking of Canara Bank Debit Card Applications

Online applications for a Canara Bank debit card and delivery status tracking can be helpful for the general public. The applicant needs to follow the guidelines given below. Any current Canara Bank customer can now request a new debit card or renew an existing one online. 

Canara Bank has begun issuing debit cards to its existing customers using an online process. A customer-friendly option is offered during this process. It indicates that a consumer may request delivery of a debit card to any location in India.

A customer’s cell phone number needs to be registered with the bank account in order for Canara Bank to issue a debit card using its OTP-based service. Those who lack a cell phone number

In line with most banks, Canara Bank requires a minimum of 7 to 10 working days after receiving your application for a debit card before sending it to your door.

Utilizing the Canara Bank debit card tracking service, as described below, you can determine the status of your recently applied debit card.

  • Navigate to canarabank.com.
  • The homepage contains a foldable sidebar.
  • Go to Apply Debit Card > Apply for New Debit Card by clicking.
  • Locate the Track Status link and click it once the page has appeared.
  • At this point, enter the account number and security code.
  • To see the progress of your application for a debit card, click the Proceed option.


With the use of the Canara Bank debit card, the cardholder can get access to the funds in their account as needed. The card can be used at a variety of stores, both online and offline, to make purchases of goods or services. The card can be used to withdraw money in India and overseas.

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