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How to Generate Canara Bank ATM PIN Online?

Generate Canara Bank ATM PIN Online

How to Generate Canara Bank ATM PIN Online? You can access your Canara Bank account at an ATM by using your personal identification number, or ATM PIN. It is crucial for the safety of your account and transactions. You may apply for an ATM card if you are at least 18 years old, have a savings account with Canara Bank, and meet other requirements. The plastic debit card is delivered to the customer’s postal address when they create a new bank account with Canara Bank. Send the card’s pin through the mail in a separate envelope as well.

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Sometimes you need to change your Canara Bank ATM PIN using Canara Internet Banking so that you may avoid having to go to the bank if you forget your PIN, which happens to everyone frequently. However, if you choose the green PIN option, you can activate your debit card right away without having to wait for the PIN mailer.

By entering the 4-digit PIN number, you can utilize Canara Bank’s ATM services at any nearby STM facility. Actually, a postal delivery of an ATM card will be made to your residence; nevertheless, you must pick up the ATM PIN from the bank office. To obtain the ATM PIN, you need to visit the branch with your ATM card kit or generate it online.

4 Method to Generate an ATM PIN for Canara Bank

You have the option to accept the ATM card of your choice after opening a current or savings account at the bank. Once the process is underway, the bank will deliver an ATM card to your house along with the welcome package. The Canara Bank ATM pin is distributed separately for security purposes.

Customers can generate and activate their cards either online or offline. They don’t have to wait to get an ATM PIN. Customers can activate and produce the ATM PIN for their Canara bank debit card anywhere in the nation by using the green PIN option. So, we’re providing you with the many Canara Bank pin generation methods below:

  1. ATMs
  2. Net Banking,
  3. Mobile Banking
  4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Steps to Create ATM PIN for Canara Bank

If you want to change the Canara Bank ATM PIN, use the Canara Bank ATM PIN Generation procedure. For Canara Bank ATMs, there are several ways to generate a PIN. They are described below:

1- Generate Canara Bank ATM PIN By Net Banking

Customers with active online banking accounts are able to create an ATM card PIN without going to a branch or ATM. To create a Canara Bank ATM PIN online, follow these steps:

  • Using your username and password, start by logging into your Canara Bank Net Banking account.
  • Go to the “Generate a PIN” option. For entering the card’s expiration date and month, you are now presented with a list of the cards connected to your account.
  • From the “Cards” menu, choose the Instant PIN Generation option. Click on “Instant PIN Generation” in the left menu after selecting “Card.”
  • Choose the “ATM” for which you wish to create a PIN number, then type the four-digit new PIN number.
  • Click the “submit” button after selecting the card you wish to generate a PIN for, entering the card’s expiration date and month, and selecting the card.
  • An OTP will be sent to the mobile number you have registered through SMS. Then you need to enter the OTP, and then you should press the “Submit” button.
  • You will now be required to input a new ATM PIN. Type in and verify the new four-digit ATM PIN.
  • Choose “Reset ATM Pin” from the menu. Your updated ATM PIN is now available for use.

2- Generate Canara Bank ATM PIN Through Mobile Banking

Using the Canara Bank Mobile App for pin generation is another easy way for customers to generate ATM pins. It is simple and effortless. These are the actions:

  • Get the “CANDI Mobile Banking App” from the Google Play Store to access Canara Bank’s mobile banking.
  • After the application has been downloaded to the device associated with your registered mobile number,
  • Log in using your username and password by opening the mobile banking application.
  • Look under the option of “Cards” in the app’s dashboard. You will find here the option of PIN generation. Then, on the dashboard, select the “Pin Generation” option from the “Card” menu.
  • On your phone, you will see a new page with the title “Create a New Pin Page.”.
  • A screen with a new pin creation option will now appear. Type in and verify the new pin number.
  • Confirm your entry for the new 4-digit PIN.
  • After that, enter the month and year of your card’s expiration and press Submit.
  • A new ATM PIN will be generated instantaneously when you click the submit button.
  • Your new ATM PIN will be operational.

3- Generate Canara Bank ATM PIN By IVR

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service allows customers to generate their Green PIN on their mobile phone in addition to using their online banking, mobile banking, or Canara Bank ATM accounts to do so. To proceed, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Dial 1800 425 0018 to reach Canara Bank’s IVR customer care.
  • Choosing your favorite language is the second step you must take. Decide on one for Hindi, two for English, and so forth.
  • The next step is to choose the selection for queries involving debit cards.
  • Then, choose the ATM PIN options option.
  • Enter the confirmation code and your Canara Bank account number.
  • Type the Canara Bank debit card’s 16-digit number.
  • To verify, enter the birthdate in the format DDMMYY.
  • Enter your debit card’s expiration date and your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • To confirm, re-enter your PIN.
  • Canara Bank Green PIN is now operational. Once your PIN has been generated, Canara Bank will email you to let you know.


The creation of a Canara Bank ATM pin is quite simple. Using the green pin option, you can generate it without going to the branch. At the moment a debit card is issued, the Green Pin service aids clients in creating a pin for their card. Using the ‘Generate Green Pin or Forgot Pin’ option, you can create the ATM or debit card pin by going to any Canara Bank ATM.

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