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How To Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card Online?

Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card

How To Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card Online? One of the well-known banks in India, Bank of Baroda, provides a variety of loan options to its clients. The Bank of Baroda is a major player in the credit market. It provides loans and credit cards at very affordable interest rates. Numerous incentives are available to clients on credit cards from the Bank of Baroda that are specifically designed to meet their demands.

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The Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India jointly oversee the management of the nationalized Bank of Baroda. In Gujarat’s Vadodara, the corporate headquarters are situated. According to current estimates, it is the fourth-largest banking partnership. 

Since its establishment in 1908, the company’s clientele has significantly increased. It offers certain important services like customer service, card services, and online banking that are popular with the general population.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card

You can enjoy an exclusive lifestyle and immaculate taste with various credit cards from the Bank of Baroda. You may enjoy the best possible dining, shopping, and travel experiences with a Bank of Baroda credit card. The Bank of Baroda Credit Card provides you with a greater credit limit, up to 50 days of interest-free credit, and fantastic reward point-saving options.

Numerous incentives are available to clients on credit cards from the Bank of Baroda that are specifically designed to meet their demands. There are plenty of needs for everyone, although they may vary based on our lifestyles. 

Bank of Baroda offers a variety of credit cards in the following categories after carefully analyzing its customers’ spending patterns: Shopping Cards, Cashback Cards, Rewards Card, Travel Card, Lifetime Free Card, Business Card, Lifestyle Card, and Entertainment Card

You can select the credit card that best suits your priorities and spending habits from the list of credit cards above. Through the discounts and incentives offered in each area, you can save a significant amount of money.

How To Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card

For a range of personalized demands, the Bank of Baroda provides a number of credit cards. Every cardholder should use their credit card with extreme caution. Your card number, expiration date, CVV number, and PIN should never be disclosed to anyone. Customers need to be extremely cautious when handling sensitive details.

Customers of the Bank of Baroda have a number of options for blocking their credit cards if they are ever lost or stolen. There are a number of situations in which you might wish to block or close your BOB credit card, like when you switch to a better card or stop using it. Both online and offline methods are available for closing or blocking your BoB credit card. To close a Bank of Baroda credit card, follow the instructions below.

1- Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card Online

Using an online technique, you can cancel or block your BoB credit card. You can use the Bank of Baroda website’s net banking services to block your card online.

Send an email: You only need to send an email to the bank asking them to block your credit card if you want to block it online. You can request that BOB block your card by giving an adequate justification. To block your BoB credit card, you should send an email to the given email address below: crm@bobfinancial.co

Offline: By ending the credit card agreement at any moment with a written notification, you are able to close your Bank of Baroda credit card offline. Any of the following methods will disable offline use of the BoB Credit Card:

2- Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card By Phone Banking

You can ask the BoB credit card customer service person to ban your card by providing the necessary justification when you get in touch with them. The person will then complete your request after verifying your information. These are the toll-free numbers:

1800 225 100 / 1800 103 1006

3- Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card Using SMS 

You can also cancel your Bank of Baroda credit card by sending the following SMS from your registered mobile number to 9223172141:


Your BoB credit card number’s last four digits are represented here by XXXX.

4- Close Bank of Baroda Credit Card Visiting Branch: 

All you have to do is inform the bank in writing that you wish to cancel your credit card and provide a justification for your decision. You must also cut up any additional credit cards and return them along with the application.

The bank, however, has the full right to reject or cancel your application if you have any unpaid balances from prior billing cycles. Before submitting a cancellation request, you must pay off any outstanding debts.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Closing the Credit Card

Whenever you decide to close your credit card, keep the following things in mind:

1Redeem The Cashback or Points: You can probably bid any advantages connected to your account farewell once you close the credit card. Redeem your earned miles, points, or money benefits. These might be usable as gift cards or statement credits.

2- Set up a Meeting with Authorised Users: Tell anyone else who is linked to the account to cease making purchases and get ready for alternative payment plans.

3- Disable or Replace Automatic Payments: Using automatic bill payment makes it simple to set something and forget it. Review all of the account’s automated payments and switch them to manual prices to prevent accruing late fees for missed payments.

4- Cancel all the Subscriptions: Cancel all the subscriptions connected with the BoB credit card. Credit cards can only be canceled if the card’s outstanding balance has been paid in full. BOB will not process the cancellation request if there is still an outstanding balance on the card.

5- Get Ready for a Negative Impact: Remember that closing a credit card may have a negative impact on your credit score since the credit limit will be decreased. The length of your average credit history will also be shorter. Be sure to obtain formal documentation from the card issuer specifying the precise date of closure.


You might be tempted to remove an unused credit card from your wallet and permanently close the account. Think again about whether canceling the account will benefit you before making the decision. 

It’s crucial to thoroughly comprehend the impact of closing a credit card. Before making any decisions about doing so, you should know that it could lower your credit score.

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