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How To Close RBL Credit Card Permanently?

Close RBL Credit Card

How To Close RBL Credit Card? Ratnakar Bank Limited is a very well-known bank in the private banking sector. It is known in the banking industry as RBL Bank. Since its establishment in August 1943, it has become one of India’s fastest-growing private sector banks. Both RBL Banks were also famous as NH4 Banks. 

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It is one of the private sector banks in India that is increasing its presence at the fastest rate. Corporate and institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Branch and Business Banking, Business Banking, Development Banking and Financial Inclusion, Treasury, and Financial Markets Operations are the six business verticals under which the bank provides specialized services. 

Through a network of 332 branches, 1,013 business correspondent branches (of which 228 are banking facilities), and 376 ATMs dispersed over 23 Indian States and Union Territories, it currently provides services to over 6.9 million people.

Credit Card Policy in RBL

RBL is one of the best-known banks in India. In the banking sector, RBL Bank is a brand. It is a private bank that provides a wide range of banking choices to retail consumers, business clients, NRI clients, insurance, credit cards, and investors. It provides a variety of loan options to its clients. RBL Bank is known in the credit market because of its affordable interest rates on loans and credit cards. 

The bank offers its clients a range of credit cards depending on their credentials and needs. These credit cards, which permit the cardholder to make purchases on behalf of the business and charge them to the company account, are issued to salaried staff, independent contractors, or corporate cards. 

There are numerous benefits available to consumers on credit cards from RBL Bank that are specifically designed to meet their needs. There are many different types of credit cards at RBL Bank, such as Lifetime Free Credit Cards, Travel Credit Cards, Co-Branded Credit Cards, Reward Points Credit Cards, Cash Back Credit Cards, Fuel Credit Cards, Premium Credit Cards, etc.

Why Do You Need to Close or Cancel your RBL Credit Card?

RBL Bank provides a variety of credit cards with a range of features and advantages. Customers might choose to close or cancel their credit card, though, in the event that they aren’t using it or the annual cost is too expensive. Customers of RBL Bank have the option to deactivate their credit cards both offline and online. Your credit score could decrease if you cancel your credit card. The main reasons for the closure of credit cards are as follows:

  1. Spending Too Much: If you believe you have been spending too much, it is best to shut down your credit card account and get your finances in order.
  2. Cards that are dormant: If your card is inactive, you may feel that canceling it is preferable to keeping it open and paying an annual charge.
  3. Reducing the risk of identity theft: To reduce the danger of identity theft, some people may close a credit card account. High-interest rates: If your spending is being significantly increased by your RBL credit card because of the higher interest rates, you may want to close the account. You can apply for a card with comparable perks and lower interest rates.
  4. Possessing a high balance: When a credit card has a high balance, some people opt to close it as a sort of damage management.

How To Close RBL Credit Card? 

RBL provides a very hassle-free facility for closing the credit card. The SuperCard is very convenient for the cardholder, as he can surrender the card and close it online or offline whenever he feels it is of no use.

If you want to close your credit card issued by RBL Bank, then you can opt for any of the online or offline methods.

How To Close RBL Credit Card Online Method

To cancel the credit card, you are required to send an email to RBL Bank, which must include your name, the credit card’s expiration date, your birthdate, and the number on the back of the card. These are the email addresses that are mentioned below, and this list includes the many email addresses to which a message can be sent requesting the closure of your credit card:

  • For SuperCard users: rblbank.com/supercardservices
  • For other card users: cardservices@rblbank.com

Close RBL Credit Card Customer Care Call

The RBL Bank also provides customer care services, which you can also opt to call at this number:

To cancel the credit card, you can call the RBL Bank customer service line. The bank’s Customer Care Service phone numbers are shown below:

For SuperCard users, the number to call is +91 22 7119 0900.

For other card users, the calling number is +91 22 6232 7777.

Offline Method (by visiting the bank)

You can submit the application to cancel the credit card by going to the closest RBL Bank location. To finish the process, you will need to supply identification documentation and some basic information.

The RBL Bank credit card cancellation procedure is easy to follow and can be done both online and offline. The credit card must be sliced diagonally once it has been closed to prevent misuse. However, if the credit card is closed, it can have an effect on your credit score.

Points to be remembered while closing a credit card

When initiating a request to cancel your RBL credit card, bear the following in mind:

  • Before beginning the card cancellation process, pay off all outstanding credit card debt, including EMIs, loans, balance transfers, etc.
  • Since the bank often cancels any remaining reward points once a credit card cancellation request has been made, use all of the collected reward points.
  • Before starting the card’s termination, cancel all recurring payments and subscriptions that are automated.
  • When you close the credit card, it affects your credit score.


In the event that the RBL credit card is misplaced or stolen, the cardholder can block his card to stop any fraudulent transactions. Those who no longer want to use their RBL credit card can also cancel it.

Using both online and offline methods, RBL Bank lets you manage your credit card. If necessary, you can permanently close your current credit card account as well as ban your RBL card to temporarily stop using it.

But before deciding on a course of action for the cancellation of a credit card, the cardholder must, however, also evaluate the results that their credit score may be affected by this activity.

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