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How to Unblock Axis Bank Credit Card

How to Unblock Axis Bank Credit Card

How to Unblock Axis Bank Credit Card? Axis Bank is India’s one of the most reputed private sector banks and the first new-generation private sector bank. Axis Bank started operations in 1994. By offering comprehensive financial solutions for their needs in payments, investments, and savings over time through a variety of channels, the bank has built strong relationships with its clients. The bank has been able to increase market share and improve the client experience. 

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Its strong digital and technological capabilities, targeted execution, and broad distribution are the strong points of Axis Bank. The bank offers a number of services that might assist customers when banking with Axis Bank. For its customers, the bank offers net banking, UPI, phone banking, mobile banking, and even SMS banking. Many Axis Bank branches now offer cash deposit machines, allowing customers to deposit cash without filling out forms for tellers.

Credit Card from Axis Bank

Numerous services are provided by the bank to its clients, and one of these is the credit card. Axis Bank provides a wide range of credit card options. Additionally, the bank has a loyalty program called Edge that rewards consumers for using their credit cards.

Depending on which credit card they choose to apply for, Axis Bank credit cardholders enjoy various benefits. Credit cards are intended to provide funds on credit, allowing the user to make purchases, pay utility bills, and use services without worrying about running out of money. Since the interest rates on Axis Bank credit cards are adjustable, the refund process is made simpler. Customers of Axis Bank can begin using various services as soon as they obtain a credit card.

Why You Need to Block Axis Bank Credit Card

Using a credit card might prove to be a beneficial and excellent way to make purchases. Blocking your cards should be your first course of action if you lose your wallet.

Understanding the many ways to block your credit card is very important. When a card is misplaced, stolen, or a questionable transaction is discovered on it, blocking the card becomes necessary. You can save yourself from further fraud and improve your situation by informing the bank about the loss or fraudulent activity.

There are certain reasons why your credit card can be blocked, and now you want to unblock it. You’ll need to know how to unblock your credit card and how to accomplish it. Your credit card may need to be blocked for a variety of reasons. These reasons are:

1- Lost or Stolen Your Credit Card

Sometimes, unfortunately, you can lose your credit card or it can be stolen by someone. If this happens to you, it is mandatory to block your card. In the event that your card is lost or stolen, immediate blocking is essential. It lets you stop future purchases using it and avoids unauthorized use.

2- Unusual Payments

Your credit card may be stopped if your bank determines that your payment history for credit bills has been particularly erratic. In these circumstances, paying your charge right away is required in order to reactivate your card.

3- Exceeding Your Credit Card’s Limit

Your bank sets the maximum amount you are permitted to spend with the credit card you purchase. To keep a good credit score, it is typically advised not to spend more than 60% to 70% of your credit limit. Now, if you use your credit card for the full amount, your bank may block the card.

4- Non-compliance with KYC Norms

The KYC requirements and periodic presentation of the appropriate documents are required of all cards, according to the RBI. In the event that you don’t, your card will be blocked. In this case, getting your credit card unblocked will require you to get in touch with your bank and provide all the necessary information.

Alternatively, if any questionable behavior is discovered on your credit card, your bank may decide to block it in order to protect the privacy and security of your finances. You have the option of blocking your Axis Bank credit card offline or online. 

Axis Bank credit card net banking, Axis Aha! (virtual assistant), website, SMS, branch visits, and customer service are some of the available channels. Follow the steps listed below to choose one of these options and have your Axis Bank credit card blocked:

How to Unblock the Axis Bank Credit Card

While blocking credit cards online is permitted, unblocking is only possible with the assistance of the bank’s customer service. It is currently not possible to unblock an Axis Bank credit card online.

Calling the toll-free number listed on your visa card is the best and quickest course of action. Inform them that the transaction you made was incorrect. Your credit card has been blocked because you entered the wrong password. 

You can get assistance from a customer support professional. They can advise you about the unblocking of your credit card and what steps you should take for that. They will provide you with instructions on how to get your credit card back. 

Give them the precise information they require, and then they will definitely be able to assist you. To restart your credit card, you will need to answer a few questions. If you answer all of their inquiries and make it abundantly apparent that you are the real card holder, your card will be unblocked.

In case you have lost your credit card or it has been stolen, you will need to apply for the “reissue” of a new card. In such circumstances, you can request to block your credit card, and later you can request to issue a new one. You can do this by going to the bank’s official website or by submitting an online application for the re-issuance of a new credit card.


Axis Bank in India provides a wide range of credit cards that are made to accommodate people’s diverse demands and wants. Not only that. Additionally, Axis Bank credit cards provide enticing features and advantages, including reward points, price breaks, exclusive deals, the opportunity to break up large purchases into manageable EMIs, and more.

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