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How to Update Mobile Number in HDFC Bank

Update Mobile Number in HDFC Bank

How to Update Mobile Number in HDFC Bank? The top bank in India is HDFC Bank, which provides its clients with a range of financial products and services. It should be noted that the bank has 5,130 branches spread out throughout 2,764 cities. Numerous banking and financial services are offered by HDFC Bank. One of the best banks in India is HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank provides many facilities to its clients today. HDFC Bank offers a variety of banking services and amenities.

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With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, HDFC Bank is one of the most reputable private banks. HDFC Bank is India’s leading bank. You will gain a lot of advantages by doing business with the bank. Customers can benefit from a variety of advantages provided by HDFC Bank. 

You will have a number of advantages as a bank customer. Every notification regarding our bank is delivered to this cell phone number by the bank when we register a number or open an account with any bank.

Importance of a Registered Mobile Number

We frequently run into situations when we need to update the bank’s primary contact information. Most banking operations require a mobile number, which is one of the essential contact details. It is necessary in order to receive updates or information from the bank. Aside from that, this is the most important criterion for Internet banking. 

Therefore, it is crucial to update the most recent registered mobile number at the bank. The process of altering the registered mobile number is not difficult. All you have to do is request in writing that the bank manager update the mobile number on file with the bank. However, you must provide all the information needed to update the registered mobile.

Maintaining the accuracy of your personal information is crucial, especially your contact details. One of the most crucial details pertaining to your bank account is your mobile number. HDFC Bank will send you an SMS when there is a transaction that affects your account. Also, you can use Internet banking.

You can use only your registered mobile number for any SMS to be sent to the bank, and you can use only your registered mobile number for phone banking. With HDFC Bank, there won’t be any communication breakdowns regarding any crucial matter. If your mobile number changes, you must also update your bank’s registered mobile number. You should know that you may change your mobile number as often as you like.

How to Update Mobile Number in HDFC Bank

The process is fairly straightforward if you wish to update your HDFC Bank-registered mobile number. You can modify your registered number while sitting at home if you need to do so for any reason.

Changing Mobile Number in HDFC Bank Using an ATM Machine

  • First, visit the HDFC ATM in your area.
  • Insert your debit card into the nearby HDFC Bank ATM.
  • Here you will be asked to choose the language of your choice; you should choose the one that you want.
  • Select more from the Main Menu, then click ‘More Options’.
  • Then opt for How do I change my mobile number online? at HDFC Bank.
  • Click “Update Your Mobile Number” after that.
  • Enter and then confirm the number you want to register.
  • Enter the mobile number once more and click the confirm button.
  • “Update Your Mobile Number” can be tapped.
  • Enter your mobile number now, which is 10 digits long.
  • Press “Yes” to continue after that.
  • Re-enter the mobile number and select “Yes to Continue” after doing so.
  • Your ATM PIN is 4 digits long.
  • Finally, your attempt to change your mobile number was successful.
  • Your request will be processed immediately once you enter your HDFC ATM PIN and continue.
  • Your request has just been submitted. You will be notified via SMS and your registered email address when this process is complete, which should take about 3 working days.
  • This explains how to update your HDFC bank account number using an ATM.

Changing Mobile Number in HDFC Bank By visiting Branch

  • First of all, please download the KYC form to update your mobile number.
  • Or you may visit the HDFC Bank Home Branch with the relevant identification and proof of address documents, such as a copy of your most recent telephone bill, Aadhaar card, passport, etc.
  • Here you can receive the KYC Details Change Form. As instructed on the form, complete all the information.
  • Ask for the “KYC Details Change Form,” which is necessary for updating the registered mobile number, when you meet with the relationship manager or bank executive.
  • Complete the KYC Details Change Form. Fill out the form that is meant for KYC details. This KYC Details Change Form must be filled out completely.
  • The details of the information must include your bank information, account number, name of account holder, type of account, etc. Mark the details you want to modify, such as changing your registered mobile number in this instance, or make a note of them. The form must be filled out with your new mobile number, and you must sign it with your registered signature.
  • Put your new mobile number in the field provided for it.
  • Sign the documents wherever required.
  • Your information will be checked by a bank employee before being submitted.
  • If you choose, a bank representative will give you the paperwork at the branch, so you can go directly without it.
  • Your cell number will then be updated in the information on your bank account, a procedure that typically takes 4-5 working days.
  • Your cell number at HDFC Bank has now been successfully updated. To ensure that you can be reached quickly in case of an emergency, it’s crucial to keep your contact information current.


Previously, net banking could be used to modify the HDFC Bank cell phone number. But due to security concerns, this service is no longer offered. There are several financial frauds taking place where people sell phony bank accounts and alter their phone numbers to phony ones. 

Since HDFC Bank withdrew this service owing to security concerns, you are unable to update your phone number online. Any updates to your mobile number must now be made at the nearby HDFC Bank branch or ATM.

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