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How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit?

increase ICICI Credit Card Limit

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit? Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) Bank Limited is an international Indian bank and provider of financial services with a well-established reputation. In terms of revenue and market capitalization, ICICI Bank is India’s second-largest private sector bank, trailing only HDFC Bank.

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ICICI Credit Card

Today, ICICI Bank credit cards are used by millions of Indians. Speaking about its credit card business, ICICI Bank controls approximately 16% of the market share with over 1.34 crore active credit cards (as of November 2022). One of the leading credit card providers in India is ICICI Bank. You may find ICICI credit cards to fit a variety of personal demands, including those related to dining, leisure, online shopping, transportation, and more.

When you need money, credit cards can help you by putting money at your disposal. There is, however, a predetermined limit on the amount you can spend with each credit card. They, the clients, Additionally, ICICI Bank gives its clients cards with regulated credit limits. To change your credit card limit, you can always ask the bank. A fee for extra work will be applied if the consumer decides to spend more than the cap. 

The bank can raise your credit card limit if you ask them to in the ways that are listed below. The portfolio of credit cards offered by ICICI Bank includes cards for many types of purchases, including those related to travel, retail, movies, and eating. For processing reward points, the bank recently introduced the ICICI Rewards Programme. 

With so many credit cards in its portfolio, ICICI Bank issues credit cards for all sorts of people, from entry-level to super-premium. Some of its credit cards, like the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card, have no annual fees and are among the most widely used in India. So long as the card is used sensibly, having a credit card from ICICI Bank would be a wise choice for everyone.

ICICI Credit Card Limit

One of the most crucial things to look at when applying for a credit card is the limit it contains. When using your card for a single purchase or a series of transactions, you are only allowed to spend up to this card limit. Similar to this, you can use an ICICI Credit Card up to the available credit limit. 

The ICICI credit card limit is determined by several variables, including the type of card you have, your income, your credit history, your ability to repay, and others. You must pay the ICICI credit card over-limit fees if you go over this cap. To effectively manage your finances, try to understand everything important to know about the ICICI credit card limit.

Factors Responsible For Deciding Credit Card Limits

When you apply for a credit card, the ICICI Bank card’s credit limit is determined. When determining the ICICI Bank Credit Card limit, the bank takes into account your income level, credit history, outstanding debt, etc.

1- Type of Card: ICICI offers a range of cards to suit the demands of its clients. For instance, a basic credit card’s credit limit can be smaller than a premium credit card’s credit limit. You can select the credit card limit that best meets your needs.

2- Financial Standards: The likelihood of obtaining an ICICI Bank credit card with a larger total credit limit increases with income.

3- Credit Worthiness: The bank will doubt your creditworthiness and set a lower credit limit if your income is high but your debt is also high. To qualify for a credit card, you must have a low debt-to-income ratio.

4- Credit Report: When you apply for an ICICI Bank credit card, a credit report is run. The bank would be more likely to trust you with more money if you had a good credit score and a solid credit history, and vice versa.

Know About Raising Your ICICI Credit Card Limit. 

The bank will contact you with an offer to raise your credit card limit if it determines that you are qualified. Once you decide whether to accept it, a bank representative will contact you to go through the specifics of your new credit limit, the fees that will apply, the terms and conditions, etc.

As an alternative, if you are dissatisfied with your ICICI Bank credit card limit, you can raise it by contacting ICICI Bank credit card customer service and determining your eligibility. 

Please be aware that you will be asked to verify your request by entering the information from your ICICI Bank credit card. Your new credit card limit at ICICI Bank and a confirmation message will be sent to you by the bank if you are determined to be qualified.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit

Our lives now depend heavily on credit cards. Everything, from modest purchases to significant costs like holidays and house repairs, can be paid for with them. You might think about increasing your credit card limit as your requirements and income gradually increase.

When you need money, credit cards can help you by putting money at your disposal. There is, however, a predetermined limit on the amount you can spend with each credit card. They, the clients, Additionally, ICICI Bank gives its clients cards with regulated credit limits. To change your credit card limit, you can always ask the bank. 

A fee for extra work will be applied if the consumer decides to spend more than the cap. Customers who have had their ICICI credit card for more than a year with timely payments are eligible for the bank’s “ICICI Credit Limit Increase” option. The bank can raise your credit card limit if you ask them. You can use any of the following strategies to raise your credit limit:

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit Through SMS:

  • Send an SMS from your registered cell phone number.
  • Send the SMS to 5676766 with the text CRLIM.”
  • In the text CRLIM,” add the last four digits of your credit card number.
  • According to your eligibility, ICICI Bank will then automatically raise your credit card’s limit to its maximum level.

Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit Mobile App

  • Open the iMobile app for ICICI Bank.
  • Then the “Cards, Loans, and Forex” tab should be selected.
  • Pick ‘Card Number’ and then Manage Card’.
  • ‘Manage Credit Limit’ can be found under ‘More Options’.
  • The required credit card transaction limit should be entered.
  • ‘Submit’ should be clicked.
  • The credit limit on your card will automatically increase after you submit the ICICI Bank credit card limit increase request.

How to Increase ICICI Credit Card Limit by Online Banking

  • Visit ICICI Bank’s website for online banking.
  • Fill in your credentials to complete the ICICI credit card login process.
  • After logging in, click the “Credit Card” option under “My Accounts” to access your credit card.
  • Then select the option Manage Credit Limit’.
  • Then click the option ‘Go’.
  • Here you can see the highest credit card limit and the current credit card limit for ICICI Bank.
  • Then you should type the ICICI Bank credit card limit that you want.
  • Then you will receive an OTP for verification purposes. Send the OTP that was supplied to you, then click “Submit.”
  • As soon as your request to increase your ICICI Bank credit limit has been processed, you will get a confirmation message. As long as you have the new ICICI credit card transaction limit, you may now continue making transactions up to this new limit.

Increase the ICICI Credit Card Limit Through Customer Support

  • You can also make a phone call to ICICI Bank to see if you qualify for an increase in your credit card limit.
  • To raise your credit card limit, you can call ICICI Bank credit card customer service. The customer care service numbers are 1860 120 7777, and 1800 103 8181.
  • STD number: 3366 7777
  • Domestic customers who are traveling abroad can see if they are eligible to increase their credit card limit. The number to be used for checking eligibility is +91 407 140 3333.

Advantages of Increasing Limits

There are many advantages to raising a credit card limit. A lot of credit cards provide rewards programs that give users cashback, points, or other incentives for using the card. You can take advantage of these rewards programs more effectively by raising your credit limit.

  1. Better Financial Adaptability: A bigger credit limit gives you additional options for making purchases and handling your money. By doing this, you may feel more in control of your finances and be better able to deal with unforeseen expenses.
  2. Increased Benefits: Increasing your credit card limit can improve your money management and help you reach your financial objectives. To prevent building up debt and accruing excessive interest costs, it’s crucial to use credit wisely and make sure you can pay off your balance each month.
  3. Increased Credit Score: Increasing your credit card limit has several important advantages, but one of the most important is that it can raise your credit score. Your credit utilization ratio is one of the many elements that go into calculating your credit score. By raising your credit limit, you can increase the amount of credit you have available, which will lower your credit-to-available-credit ratio and raise your credit score.
  4. Increased Purchasing Power: This is a key additional advantage of raising your credit card limit. This is particularly useful for sudden expenses or for sizable purchases that could make it challenging to pay for everything.


Customers of ICICI Bank can ask the bank to review, raise, or lower their credit limit. You need to have been a bank client for more than a year to apply for this feature. To assess whether cards are eligible for higher or decreased credit limits, ICICI periodically checks credit card accounts. Eligible cardholders will get a notification from the bank verifying their eligibility for the ICICI credit limit increase offer. 

If you get a message like that from the bank, just reply as it asks, and someone from the right department will call you right away. Ask about the amount of the increase, the revision charge, if any, and any other terms and conditions that come with the increased limit if you receive a call asking you to extend the credit limit on your ICICI credit card.

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