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What is the UTR Number in Google Pay?

What is the UTR Number in Google Pay

With the help of the National Payments Corporation of India, the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment system works, where money may be transferred digitally—fast, easily, and for free. Users love UPI so much because it’s so simple to use. You can transfer and receive money on the payment aggregation platform of your choice after creating a UPI ID and linking your bank account. But because there are so many alternatives available, managing financial transactions might be more complicated than you might imagine. The UTR is a distinct identifying number that provides a one-stop shop for monitoring financial transactions. To distinguish your transactions from your account number, use your UTR number. It is an essential part of India’s digital payments system, without which running a bank would be difficult.

What is Google Pay?

Most of the payments we make can be made cashless with the help of Google Pay. It also offers numerous options for us to obtain and use our payment information appropriately. Google developed Google Pay, a mobile payment service app. There are about 150 million users in 40 countries. This widely used unified payment interface is still in high demand. It is the most reliable payment method that we employ in India. Google Pay uses near-field communication (NFC) to enable contactless payments to eliminate the need for credit or debit cards and magnetic stripes. Google Pay thus rose to prominence as the most reliable and user-friendly digital payment system.

What is the UTR number?

A 12-digit reference number specific to each digital transaction is known as the UPI Transaction Reference Number. Every UPI payment or transaction completed through Google Pay or any other UPI app generates this UPI Transaction Reference Number (UTR Number), a unique identifier. Every transaction generates a new UTR number, and it enables users to keep track of their activities. Tracking the UPI Transaction Reference Number linked to the payment can be used by users to retrieve all the information if they have any questions concerning a transaction. It is used to locate and monitor a specific transaction within a large number of transactions.

The UPI Transaction Reference Number is created with each payment you make. This UPI Transaction Reference Number assists in locating or jointly monitoring Google Pay, a mobile payment service app. Any mistakes or problems pertaining to a transaction, such as unsuccessful transfers, contested payments, etc., can be resolved using the UTR number. The UPI Transaction ID, also known as the transaction reference ID, is another name for the UTR number. It is distinct compared to NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS transaction numbers.

The importance of the UTR number.

It is important to verify the UTR number for Google Pay transactions for a number of reasons, including:

  • To verify that the transfers were completed successfully: The UTR number functions as a special confirmation code for the successful completion of a transfer or payment. The recipient has received the payments if the UTR code matches.
  • To pinpoint unsuccessful or contested deals: When a transaction fails because of network problems, wallet balance, etc., the UTR code assists in locating the problematic transaction and fixing it. It offers the relevant information for transactions that are under dispute.
  • To receive assistance with claims or refunds: When it comes to transactions requiring refunds or claims, the UTR offers the validation and assistance required for banks or retailers to handle.
  • To correspond with the recipient’s UTR for the same transfer: It is possible to match the UTR codes of the sender and the recipient to verify the transaction on both ends. For tax filing, UTR information could be needed to supply supporting documentation for income tax returns, audit trails, etc.
  • Dispute resolution for failed KYC: The UTR offers the transaction history required for dispute resolution if KYC verification is unsuccessful during a transaction.
    In conclusion, keeping thorough records of UTR codes for Google Pay is crucial for record-keeping, managing funds, and obtaining digital transactions’ tax and compliance advantages. It also helps to resolve payment problems.

How to Locate and Where Is the UTR Number in Google Pay?

There are some simple procedures to find the Google Pay UTR number here:

Click Transaction History in the Google Pay app. First, install the Google Pay app on your phone to obtain the UTR number for a particular transaction. Scroll down the home screen until you find “Show Transaction History,” then click the button. This will take you to a page where you can view a chronological history of every transaction you have made with Google Pay.

Select the particular transaction –
Examine the list of transactions on the transaction history page. Then select the particular transaction whose UTR number you require. This will cause a new page to open, displaying all the details of that particular transaction, including the date, time, amount, and receiver.

Look up the UPI Transaction ID under Transaction Details – Look under the transaction details part of this detailed transaction page. Get the UTR number or UPI Transaction ID associated with that transfer. A 12-digit alpha-numeric code beginning with “UPI,” such as UPI/01234567890 or UPI01234567890, will be used.


Of all the digital payment systems, Google Pay is among the most reliable and accessible. The system of the electronic economy is now much more relaxed than before with the help of these platforms. The introduction of safe fund handling circumference not only made India a cashless society, but it also made our lives more comfortable. Furthermore, Google Pay has become ingrained in Indian society.

Along with the other digital payment networks, people have become addicted to them. We must link our bank account to Google Pay for the aforementioned advantages. Right now, Google Pay stands as the nation’s second-most-used UPI programme.


Can I give someone my UTR number?
No, it is against privacy laws for you to disclose your UTR number. Scammers can misuse it a lot.

What is the source of the UTR number?
In India, when transactions occur between accounts through the RTGS or NEFT systems, the corresponding banks generate a UTR.

How can UTR resolve any problem in a transaction?
The bank tracks the details and errors that arise during the transaction when you make a request since it is generated by the bank and is assisted by UTR.

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