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How to Reset the ICICI Credit Card PIN?

Reset the ICICI Credit Card PIN

How to Reset the ICICI Credit Card PIN? One of the leading providers of credit cards in India is ICICI Bank. To accommodate everyone’s demands, it provides a wide variety of credit cards. Additionally, it provides a variety of platforms for managing cards for those who have credit cards. Today, we’ll walk you through the various methods for resetting the PIN on your ICICI credit card.

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What is a Credit Card PIN?

The process of borrowing money from the bank on your credit card is a great help for you while shopping. If you have an ICICI credit card, you should be aware that it needs a PIN (personal identification number) to conduct online transactions, make purchases at merchant locations, withdraw cash, and prevent fraud. To maintain security when accessing your bank account, you should be familiar with the 4-digit credit card PIN

But you should be very careful about the fraudulent activity. If you want to protect your credit card from such fraud, you need to change your PIN regularly. Your PIN is a unique four-digit number that is used by you to make transactions through your credit card. The payment system only allows you to make any payment when it finds the user ID matching the PIN entered by you. Otherwise, your transaction will be denied. So it is always in your favor to change the PIN after a certain period. It should be kept secret.

The use and benefits of credit cards in the current world cannot be disputed. Being a leading bank in India, ICICI Bank provides customers with a selection of credit cards that have appealing features and benefits. Every credit card, as you are well aware, needs a PIN to be used for online purchases, bill payments at merchant locations, and other transactions online, as well as to prevent unauthorized usage. For secure bank account access, you need to be aware of your 4-digit credit card PIN.

How to Reset Your ICICI Credit Card PIN 

For use of all ICICI credit card devices, ATMs, and many online transactions, a 4-digit PIN is necessary. When you apply for a new ICICI credit card, your new card and PIN will be delivered separately to your registered postal address. Within seven business days of obtaining your new ICICI credit card, you should reset the PIN.

Many online and offline methods can be used to change your ICICI Credit Card PIN.

Reset ICICI Credit Card PIN Online Methods: 

If you are comfortable with the online process of changing the PIN of your ICICI Bank Credit Card, you can adopt any one of the following methods: These are as follows:

 1- By using Net Banking

If you have a registered account with the bank’s online banking service, then follow the instructions below to create an ICICI credit card PIN:

  • First of all, you should go to ICICI Bank’s official website, which is www.icicibank.com
  • Then login by entering your credentials.
  • Click Generate Credit Card PIN in the side panel after logging into ICICI Credit Card Net Banking.
  • Under Credit Card, click Generate Now.
  • After choosing your card and entering your CVV code, click Submit.
  • You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number. Click ‘Submit’ after entering the OTP in the appropriate space.
  • A new ICICI credit card PIN can be entered on the next page.

2- By using the Mobile App 

You can control your cards remotely through the bank’s mobile banking app, ICICI iMobile. The iMobile app allows you to do a variety of card-related tasks, such as paying your credit card bill, viewing your account information, updating your payment preferences, changing your billing cycle, and resetting your ICICI credit card PIN. In about two to three minutes, you can register for an iMobile device and start using it. Here are the methods to generate an ICICI Bank credit card PIN:

  • To generate an ICICI credit card PIN, tap on My Cards to access your iMobile dashboard.
  • You can select the Reset PIN option, which is displayed beneath your card.
  • Tap the card whose PIN you want to create or reset.
  • To change the PIN on your ICICI credit card, select Generate PIN.
  • Enter your new card’s PIN on the following page, then confirm it.
  • To confirm your request to reset the PIN on your ICICI credit card, you will next be required to provide a six-digit one-time password. After entering that 6-digit OTP, go to the “Submit” button in the menu.
  • All the work has been done. Your ICICI card’s PIN has been successfully reset.

Reset ICICI Credit Card PIN By ATM

Users of credit cards can also reset their card PINs by going to the nearest ICICI ATM. Swipe your card at the ATM, and then do the following:

  • Choose ‘Create a PIN using OTP’,
  • Select the one-time password you were sent to your registered mobile number, and enter it.
  • After successful authentication, you will be prompted to enter a new ICICI credit card PIN on the following screen.
  • Your PIN will also need to be verified.
  • You can generate an ICICI credit card PIN using an ATM in this manner.

Reset ICICI Credit Card PIN By SMS

You can proceed with this option too. If you go for the SMS method, you should follow the below-given instructions:

  • Send an SMS from your registered mobile number to 921-5676-766 to change the ICICI Bank credit card PIN.
  • Make sure to enter your credit card number in the format CCPIN XXXX, which is the last four digits.
  • For instance, CCPIN 1234 is sent to 9215676766.

By using the customer care number

Call ICICI customer service at 18601207777 if you are unable to generate your credit card PIN using one of the aforementioned methods. To reset your ICICI credit card’s forgotten PIN after dialing the hotline, follow these instructions:

  • Dial 18601207777 to reach ICICI customer service.
  • Following the IVR’s instructions, select the option to generate an ICICI credit card PIN.
  • You will be required to enter your card’s 16-digit number.
  • Your card information, including the CVV number, expiration date, and similar information, must then be entered.
  • You can create a new PIN for your ICICI credit card if authentication is successful.

How to Reset Your ICICI Credit Card PIN Offline Method 

All the above-mentioned methods are for customers who use online services, but if you are not comfortable with the online process, you can go with the offline method:

By visiting the bank branch

Visit a bank branch. To reset an ICICI credit card PIN, customers can also go to their nearest ICICI Bank location. This is advised by the bank that issued the card.

Advantages of Resetting Your Credit Card PIN

Your credit card’s PIN is a private piece of information that you must keep private. To protect your ICICI credit card PIN, you should also abide by the following dos and don’ts:

  • Do not disclose your credit card PIN to anybody or record it anywhere, even on a copy or in a book.
  • Double-check that the card slot is undamaged and that there are no fake card readers attached to the real one.
  • Additionally, be cautious to avoid sending it in emails or through text messages.
  • Never pick an obvious PIN, such as your birthday, the birthday of your parents, the anniversary of your wedding, or another number.
  • It shouldn’t be difficult, but there must be something that can be guessed by the person involved in any fraudulent activity.
  • Your PIN information should never be saved on websites where you conduct online transactions. As a precaution, avoid having transactional websites automatically save your credit card information or PIN. Instead, go to sites that begin with “https,” which are secure and safe to use.
  • Try frequently changing your PIN. Additionally, check your account statement every 15 days to look for any suspicious activity or transactions.
  • Avoid using the same PIN on all of your accounts since this could jeopardize the security of all of your cards that use the same PIN.
  • Even if a caller claims to be from the bank, you should never give anyone access to your account information or PIN.


You can protect your money from fraud by using a unique PIN. PINs should always be such that they won’t be guessed. It should not be simple to decipher. You should be very careful about using digits like your date of birth, anniversary, car number, phone number, Aadhaar number, etc. These should be avoided. Also, try to avoid using a series. The use of random numbers is better. Always use various PINs for various cards.

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