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What Is MMID in The Bank of Baroda?

MMID in The Bank of Baroda

What Is MMID in The Bank of Baroda? There is a wide range of products and services available in the digital age that people may use to easily manage their lives. When we discuss technology and progress, we inevitably come up with the topic of the banking sector, where unbridled innovation has achieved more than previously thought possible. The implementation of more recent techniques by financial institutions for money exchange has made it possible for clients to send and receive money securely.

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What is MMID?

A bank provides its customers with a seven-digit code known as an MMID, or Mobile Money Identifier, to use mobile banking services for the bank’s customers. Every mobile banking account has a distinct MMID that the bank assigns to the user.

Customers of Bank of Baroda can also access IMPS services, just like those of the majority of other top banks in India. Nonetheless, to make use of the IMPS service, both the payer and the recipient of the payment must have an MMID code. An IMPS transaction’s validity is verified by a seven-digit code known as an MMID. Due to this, a customer uses MMID BOB to access the bank’s IMPS service.

What Is The Use of MMID at the Bank of Baroda?

Several methods exist for transferring money; however, IMPS is among the most widely used. Transferring money instantly between bank accounts is possible with the IMPS fund transfer method. 

A daily cap of Rs. 1 lakh applies to IMPS transactions, and there is an extra service tax. Interbank fund transfers are available around the clock through the reliable, real-time Immediate Payment Service (MPS). For all users, IMPS provides inexpensive and safe instantaneous fund transfers between participating banks nationwide.

The recipient’s mobile number and MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) are nevertheless necessary to complete an IMPS transaction.

How To Generate MMID in the Bank of Baroda

Mobile Money Identifier is an expansion of the MMID. The bank can activate this via several channels, such as banking apps, online banking, and in-person interactions. Registering with your bank’s mobile banking app is essential to generate your MMID. Once you’ve confirmed this, you must proceed as follows to create your MMID using each of these methods:

1- Mobile Banking

  • Enter the credentials for your mobile banking app.
  • In the app, keep an eye out for the “Accounts” option.
  • Select the “Generate MMID” menu item.
  • It will generate and share your MMID with you.

2- Online Banking:

  • Enter your login information and access the official banking platform of your bank.
  • Look for the “Generate MMID” option on the portal’s home page.
  • Enter the necessary data and confirm your information by the displayed instructions.
  • Your MMID will be generated and given after your data is successfully verified.
  • Fill in the necessary fields and double-check your information according to the displayed instructions.
  • Your MMID will be generated and sent to you after your details have been successfully verified.

2- Make a Call

  • Just give the customer support number at your bank a call.
  • Select “Banking” after picking your favorite language.
  • Request that a customer service agent be required to create an MMID for your account when you speak with them.
  • Your MMID will be created and given to your registered cell phone number within 24 hours of receiving the necessary information.

How Can MMID Be Used to Transfer Money Between Banks?

The procedures listed below should be followed to use IMPS to transfer money between bank accounts:

  • Open your online or mobile banking account and log in.
  • Click the “Fund Transfer” option on the main page that displays.
  • Decide to transfer funds using “IMPS” as your method.
  • To continue, enter your MPIN and the beneficiary’s MMID.
  • Type in the required transfer amount.
  • Press “Confirm.”
  • The OTP that was given to your registered cell phone number may be required to be submitted for you to validate the transaction.
  • To finish the transaction, input the OTP.
  • Both the sender and the recipient will be informed right away when the money is transferred to the recipient. Please be aware that the beneficiary’s MMID will be the only one requested.

Important points to remember while using MMID: When executing MMID-enabled IMPS transactions, keep the following things in mind:

  • The sender and the recipient both need to be signed up for mobile banking with their respective banks.
  • For IMPS to process an MMID payment, you must have the beneficiary’s MMID, name, cell phone number, and your MPIN.
  • Comparably, to receive money, the sender needs to know your name, cell phone number, and MMID.


The mobile number and the MMID code must match the payee’s Bank of Baroda account for the transaction to be completed. For this reason, their primary bank account is linked to both their mobile number and MMID code. 

To identify the Bank of Baroda account to which you are attempting to transfer payments, these payee data are recorded with the bank account. Keep in mind that the process for generating MMID varies depending on the bank. 

All banks use the same primary methods to produce MMID, nevertheless. To complete the process, simply login to the website or mobile banking application.

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