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How To Reset The Transaction Password of Bank of Baroda?

Reset The Transaction Password of BOB

Among the most well-known banks in all of India is the Bank of Baroda. There are hundreds of people who have Bank of Baroda accounts. This bank offers a wide range of services to its clients, including net banking and monthly bank statements.

One of the best net banking options in all of India is provided by the Bank of Baroda. The net banking feature now offers a tonne of additional services and advantages. Using the Bank of Baroda’s net banking service, one can view their monthly bank statements and make payments to others.

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Online Transaction at Bank of Baroda

Setting up net banking is an easy process. The individual receives two passwords after activation. The login password and the transaction password are those two credentials. These are very important and need to be protected. If these two passwords are lost, there might be a breach in banking security and a complete financial loss.

When attempting to open a net banking account, a user is prompted to submit a password known as their login.

To gain access to more important data, you’ll need a transaction password. As such, it functions only if you attempt to retrieve account information via online banking, such as monthly statements, etc. Furthermore, it is necessary for any kind of transaction.

Online payments and purchases are commonplace for many people. One must first enter their login password to access their account and their transaction password for any fund transfers if they choose to use the Bank of Baroda net banking service for any of these purposes.

How to Create Creating Transaction Password of Bank of Baroda

Clients using BOB Net Banking must create two different passwords: the Sign-on Password, which they use to log in, and the Transaction Password, which they use to complete transactions through BOB Internet Banking.

You will be sent two passwords, one for the transaction and one for log-in, as previously mentioned. When you first log in, you will be required to update your password. Please keep the following in mind both when you change the password and when you use it:

Its length must be between 8 and 16 digits at the very least. All three of the following must be present:

An alphabet (A-Z or a-z),

A number (0–9), and

A special character (@, $, #,*, etc.)

All the letters from your user ID shouldn’t be there.

When entering a password, make sure to use capital and lowercase letters. This will not function if you use uppercase characters.

By submitting an application for the creation of a new password directly at the bank branch, customers can regenerate their transaction password. A new password will be sent to the address provided by the customer as soon as this form is accepted.

The Importance of a Safe Password

After five unsuccessful login attempts, your password will be banned for your protection. ( If your password is blocked—that is, if you can still remember it but entered it five times incorrectly and it was locked—please fill out the form below and turn it on for the branch. You will be able to access BarodaConnect with the same password after your password has been enabled.

You are prohibited from using any of your previous five passwords while resetting the password. The system will need a password change if it is not changed within ninety days. But we encourage you to continue changing the passwords on a frequent basis.

Please use the forgot password form (attached) if you’ve forgotten your user ID or password.

How To Reset a Transaction Password of Bank of Baroda

1- Online Options

Using Mobile and Email: Customers can reset transaction passwords by using mobile, email, and debit cards with the help of the following steps:

  • Go to the BOB official website and select the “Retail user” option.
  • On the given space, put the user ID, and then select the option “Click Here to reset your transaction password using a debit card.”
  • After verifying, enter the validation information, such as the card type, card number, expiration date, and ATM PIN, and click “Next.”
  • After entering the OTP sent to the registered mobile number, select “Next.”
  • Following the OTP entry, the user is prompted to change the transaction password.
  • The notification that follows will show up once the process has been successfully completed. Afterwards, the client can log in.

Offline Option:

Reset Tour BOB Transaction Password by Visiting a Bank Branch.

  • You can visit your local branch or give BOB a call at their toll-free number (1800223444, 18001024455) to reset your transaction password if you have an account.
  • You can obtain the “Request for the generation of new passwords” form from the internet or pick it up when you visit your local BOB branch.
  • Next, meticulously complete the paperwork and turn it in at your branch. The transaction password will be given to you by bank personnel upon submission.


The Baroda Bank serves thousands of customers with accounts. For every kind of transaction, the net banking function of this bank demands the entry of two passwords. If the procedures are carefully followed, changing these passwords is easy.

It is quite simple for both new and current Bank of Baroda (BOB) users to reset their transaction and net banking passwords. You cannot access the full range of banking services provided by BOB without these credentials. The issue appears when you continually input the incorrect password or forget your password.

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